COVID-19 Building Lighting

Crush COVID-19 Building Lighting

With much of the country under stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most Americans are in lockdown working remotely or they’re the essential workers still out helping us. Show your support of the nation’s first responders, healthcare heroes and frontline workers with a custom light display.

Building Lighting options

When lighting up the facade of a building, we like to use multiple lighting elements such as color, texture or pattern to create the greatest visual impact.

loudoun strong texture lighting projectionGobo Lighting is used to project a message, logo or graphic. Gobo is an acronym for (GOes Before Optics) and refers to a template placed into a specialized light before the lens? focuses the image.

Gobo lights can also be used to project any variety of image, pattern, texture or designs and aren’t just limited to words, text or logos.

Uplights are used to project color washes or beams of light onto a building. These lights can create any color in the rainbow and work well to make the building “pop” at night.

Ideal Lighting conditions

When thinking about whether or not your location is a good fit for projecting a message, consider:

  • Large, flat, opaque surfaces are best;
  • Where the light fixtures might be placed;
  • How large the projected image needs to be; and
  • Location and number of power sources.

Highly visible opaque surfaces are best for successful projection.

The textures of many buildings (brick, stone, siding) can add a three-dimensional quality to projections, but consider that they may also distort your final image. Lights can also project onto trees and other less opaque elements but may not look as good from multiple angles and location viewpoints.

Gobo lights in particular need space between where they are placed/mounted to the surface they are projecting onto to allow for the image to grow. Ideally you want a projection location that is 20ft-120ft away from the projection surface. This could be a nearby building, rooftop, street pole, tree, light stand or other sturdy fixture the light can be mounted to.

Most lights can be operated with a standard 15amp power circuit. Always consider the power availability in or around the location.

Gobo Design

Designs that are clear, concise and easy to read are the most effective form of gobo lighting. Think of keeping your message to three lines of text max.

What is the key message you want to share? Get to the point to make the most impact. You may only have one glance from a driver passing by–make it count and leave an impression.

gobo projection on trees


Building lighting is a great investment. Nothing else has the amount of eye-catching visual impact it creates. Price varies depending on:

  1. Number of lights
  2. Length of install
  3. Complexity of setup
  4. Power needs

With an address and photos of where you would like to project the image, we can come up with a customized estimate for your location.

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