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Rent Blacklights

Blacklights emit a special kind of light called ultra violet (UV) light that makes everyday objects glow.

Mostly invisible to the human eye, blacklight brings out the fun invisible world around us.

Successful glow parties rely on having enough blacklight effect to make everything at the party glow. Too little blacklight and it will be the worst….party…..ever, too much and you’ll have wasted money.

When you rent blacklights the two most important questions are: 

  1. How big of an area did you want to cover with a glow effect?
  2. What kind of event is it?
rent blacklights

How big of an area did you need to glow? 

Is your event space big like a gym or small like a living room? Once you have an idea of the size of space(s) you want to light up, we can determine the exact type and number of blacklights we need to make your space glow.

The best case scenario is to know the exact length & width of the room or if you can share photos of the room. We can guesstimate pretty well based on the type of room or how many guests but it’s best to know length and width.

Some common room sizes are:

  • High School Gym: 120ft x 80ft
  • Middle School gym: 90ft x 60ft
  • Elementary School Gym: 70ft x 50ft
  • Multipurpose Room: 60ft x 40ft
  • Living Room: 16ft x 24ft
  • Bedroom: 13ft x 11ft
glow in the dark volleyball in gym

What type of event is it?

Are you hosting a glow pickleball tournament or blowout birthday bash? Think about how guests will be interacting in the room.

A glow volleyball match needs to make sure blacklight is aimed above the court to keep the ball glowing as it moves during play. A glow pep rally needs to have light on the court as well as the stands to make sure everything is lit up. Rent blacklights to fit your event.

  • Glow battle
  • 80’s party
  • Neon nights
  • Glow capture the flag
  • Glow soccer
  • Glow tennis
  • Glow bowling
  • Cosmic bowling
  • Glow paint party
  • Glow food tasting

Throw the glow

Blacklights are categorized by how far they “throw the glow.”

Rent blacklights you need based on the size of your event space and how many guests you’ll have in attendance.

We get a lot of last minute calls from people who have picked up light bulb sized blacklights online or at a big box retailer who have realized they just aren’t powerful enough. Those lights are great for small spaces like a bedroom, but when you need to illuminate a space larger than 10ft x 10ft you need more power, rent blacklights that are high power and are the right tool for the job.

blacklight throw distance

Two are always better than one

We recommend at least two blacklights.

When a single blacklight shines toward a surface, only one side will illuminate.

A second blacklight on the opposite side ensures that all the objects and people in the room glow evenly.

It also ensures that you’ll have a backup in case anything should happen to one of the lights.

Don’t leave half your party in the dark, rent blacklights in quantities of at least two.

always use two blacklights

For even glow, use two lights

How many blacklights do I need?

Calculate how many blacklights you need to make your space glow!

We want to make sure you have the right amount of blacklight to make your event glow. These calculators are perfect for figuring out exactly what type and how many lights you need to light up your space.

Blacklight Calculator

Rental Blacklights Compared

medium throw blacklight

Medium-Throw LED Blacklight

Small / medium spaces

Multi-function spaces, living room, basement, conference rooms

medium power blacklight

125 degree beam angle

20ft – 40ft throw

IP65 waterproof


No Wireless Control


No Strobe

Not Sound Active

high power long throw blacklight for rental

Long-Throw LED Blacklight

Medium / large / huge spaces

Gym, arena, cafeteria, stage, church, convention center, glow run, track, concerts, festivals

high power blacklight

25, 35, 45 degree selectable beam angle

40ft – 300ft throw

Not waterproof

DMX Control

Wireless DMX Control (Optional D-Fi)



Sound Active

Where do i put the blacklights?

How to set up your blacklights

Putting lights on both ends or in opposite corners and aiming toward the center of the room is the best placement. It allows the glow effect to fill the entire space.

Elevating the blacklights higher than your guests’ heads (at least 6 feet high) maximizes the glow effect.

Lights can be:

  • Placed on the ground or table
  • On a light stand
  • Clamped or zip-tied to an existing fixture/feature in the room (bleacher rails, moveable volleyball posts, basketball hoops, ceiling truss)

Power up to six of our long-throw, high-power blacklights on a single 15amp electrical circuit. No special cords or outlets required, lights plug into any 3 prong electrical cable.

Think about light placement and where power will be coming from to understand how many extension cables you will need.

Rent blacklights that are easy to use. Simply plug them in, aim, and watch all the glow items in your room come to life!

how to setup blacklights in gym
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Step 1:


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Step 2:


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Step 3:


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