Glow Beautifully

You’ll spend hours choosing every detail of your wedding day. Don’t let those things get lost in the dark once the sun goes down at your reception!

Create the perfect romantic glow, add pops of color to tie together your decor, or completely transform your space to make your wedding shine. Wedding lighting can turn any venue into something truly special and unique.

Lighting visually connects your cake, tables and dance space so that you and your guests have an unforgettable night. We offer a number of lighting options and will work with you to project your vision into the space.

Adding lighting to your wedding decor is an ideal way to emphasize or highlight:

  • Your Wedding Colors
  • Cake / Desserts
  • Flowers and Centerpieces
  • Entrances, Dances, Toasts
  • Dance Floor
mount ida farm wedding lighting
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The art of wedding lighting is blending together light, color, pattern and texture to accentuate and pull together your wedding decor for a cohesive visual impact.

Our talented designers will use the following tools to breathe life into your event:

  • Wireless Uplights
  • Cake Spot Lighting
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Monogram / Gobo Projectors
  • Spotlights
  • Wash Lights
  • Twinkle Backdrops
  • Pin-Spot Lighting
  • Texture Lighting
  • Dance Lighting
  • Lasers
  • Water / Fire Effects
  • Video / Photography Lighting
  • Pipe and Drape

reception lighting

Create a warm, inviting, romantic feeling for your party with reception lighting. Bring together all the decorative elements used throughout the reception space by linking them within a wash of lighting.

Lighting has the unique ability to accentuate the details guests should notice while also helping to mask the less desirable elements of your space.

Whether using soft colors to enhance the ambiance of the space or bold colors to make a statement, lighting has the ability to completely transform a space.

army navy county club uplighting


Uplights add warmth by creating a visual border or enclosure for your wedding. Uplights will enhance the ambiance of your party and help balance the overall light levels in a reception space. Change the color after dinner to indicate to your guests that it’s time to dance!


Monogram lights, also known as gobo lights, create a strong focal point and personalize a reception space.

cake pin-spot lighting wedding

Pin-spot Lights

Pin-spot lights are tight beams of light that highlight cakes, floral arrangements or details that you want guests to take notice of. These lights create a high contrast, high-end look.

intelligent lighting reagan building wedding dc

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting is programmed to move to specific places in the room, or to change colors and patterns with the music. They effortlessly move from lighting up your grand entrance, to your first dance, to toasts and creating a high-energy effect for dancing later in the evening.

ceremony lighting

Elevate Your Ceremony

Lighting elevates and transforms your ceremony space into something truly special and unique. One of the biggest benefits to lighting your ceremony is to increase the overall lighting levels on the bride and groom and the bridal party.

This not only assists guests to better see the ceremony, but will result in better photos and video from the ceremony. Wedding lighting is the number one component to achieving the best photos and video from your wedding.

Crucial for multifunctional spaces, lighting has the ability to transform a space that will be used twice for different purposes. Many venues host the ceremony where the reception occurs an hour later, and in these instances ceremony lighting can completely reimagine the space to be intimate before turning into a party space later.

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wedding aisle backdrop with sparkle lighting and monogram

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