Frequently Asked Questions

Event Production

Fill out our contact form. To reserve your event date we require a 50% deposit and signed contract. The balance is due 30 days prior to your event date.

Basic information that is helpful in putting together a quote for your event:

  • When and where the event will take place
  • What rooms/spaces you will be using (square footage or pictures always help!)
  • Start and finish time of your event, and any load in/load out time allotted
  • How many people you are expecting
  • Which lighting elements/services you are looking for
  • Themes, colors or other design elements you are interested in incorporating
  • Elements you like and don’t like about the venue that could be helped or hidden with decor
  • Budget constraints or expectations – we can give you multiple options and are always willing to add/subtract elements to meet your financial needs

With that information we can start to pull together some ideas for your event, including general price ranges and the best way to move forward.

We do! Please reach out to us if you’d like to pay by purchase order.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Rentals

Blacklights, Gobo Projectors, and Blisslights:

Our lights don’t have any special power requirements. They only need a standard electrical outlet. Each light draws about as much power as a halogen 150w light bulb.


They’re wireless and battery powered! See below for battery life information.

We have over 40 existing designs in our monogram library that we can update for your event. Alternatively, we can take any graphic elements you may have, or that you like, and work from that to create a custom design.

superlative events monogram designs

We have gobo projector lights to accommodate:

  • E-Size 37.5mm
  • D-Size 53.3mm
  • B-Size 86mm (industry standard, about the diameter of a Coke can)

If you have an M sized gobo (66mm) it will not fit our projectors. However, we offer free logo conversion into a size that fits our lights, at no additional cost.

Our lights feature a rotation setting that allows the Gobo to slowly rotate in a fixed position, much like a vinyl record rotates. If you want the light to move around the room like a searchlight, you need to find intelligent lighting from a local supplier.

It depends on the space, but generally we recommend the following in these types of locations:

Long-Throw Blacklights

  • Community Center: 2-4
  • Elementary School Gym/Cafeteria: 2-4
  • Middle School Gym/Cafeteria: 2-4
  • High School Gym: 4-10

Medium-Throw Blacklights

  • House Basement: 2-6
  • Community Center: 2-8
  • Elementary School Gym/Cafeteria: 4-8
  • Middle School Gym/Cafeteria: 4-10
  • High School Gym: Not recommended

Short-Throw Blacklights

  • UV Reactive Poster: 1-2
  • House Living Room: 2-4
  • Bedroom: 2
  • Basement: 4-8
blacklight dodgeball game balls at center court

The batteries come pre-charged, ready to go out of the box, and last about 20 hours per charge. We?ve been able to cover 3 events in one weekend on one charge!

The trick we recommend to people who are worried about battery life is this: After you’ve set up the lights in your venue, use the dimmer on the remote control to dim the lights all the way down. Then, fade them back up to full color just before guests arrive.

Each wireless uplight weighs 3 pounds and is the size of a brick.

30ft-40ft depending on the projection surface. Lighter/whiter surfaces and walls without chair rail allow for the light to shine higher.

We want you to have an amazing experience and achieve the best possible results in the easiest possible process. All of our lights can be set up with no experience necessary. They are designed to be easy and straightforward to place in your space.

You’ll receive visual and written instructions, as well as our direct phone number, with the lights. We recommend testing the equipment upon receipt; don’t wait until the day of the event to learn how to turn everything on.

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