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Blue and green configurations available in either the blisslight 50 or the blisslight 15.

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Rent Blisslights

Blisslights are the perfect lights to create a sky full of stars. Large coverage area means less lights cover entire ceilings or walls.

  • stars slowly move
  • blue nebula effect slowly moves behind the stars
  • control the brightness of the nebula effect
  • laser and LEDs are extremely energy efficient

Both lights have the exact same blue nebula effect that slowly moves in conjunction with the laser star effect. The biggest difference between the two lights is that the blisslight 50 uses two lasers instead of one.

How big of an area will the blisslight cover?

Every 1 foot of distance between the light and the surface you are projecting on results in 2.5ft of width of the lighting effect.

If the blisslight is 10ft away from the surface it’s projecting on the resulting image will be 25ft wide.

At 20ft away the lighting effect will be approximately 50ft wide.

The nebula effect is best up to 50ft wide, lasers can project hundreds of feet.

Which blisslight is right for my event?

Choose from either the blisslight 50 or the blisslight 15 in either a blue or green laser configuration.

Check out our video comparison showing the lights and their effects compared to one another.

The biggest different is that the blisslight 50 projects a more natural looking starry sky effect because it uses two lasers. This creates a more 3-D looking effect. The same effect can be achieved by using two blisslight 15’s.

Blisslight 15

rent blisslight 15 rental blue and green

25ft x 25ft Coverage Area

Choose a blue or green laser

Moving nebula and star effect

One laser

Power brick power supply

Integrated table top stand or can be mounted

Great used in pairs to light the ceiling above a dance floor.

Blisslight 50

blisslight 50 blue and green

50ft x 50ft Coverage Area

Choose a blue or green laser

Moving nebula and star effect

Two lasers, more natural looking stars

Power cable

Works best with a light stand or mount

Perfect for theatrical productions or covering large areas like hotel ballrooms, gymnasiums, convention centers. 

"I am officially the least technical person I know. I was amazed by how easy the lights were to use. They worked right out of the box and my party looked amazing. Thank you!" - Sarah / Des Moines, Iowa
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