150w White Balloon LED Light Kit


Soft white lighting for illuminating large spaces, outdoor gatherings, or indoor applications where soft, dimmable, and adjustable white lighting is needed.

Balloon lights are renowned in the movie and television industry for providing soft, beautiful, natural, camera ready lighting utilizing an all-in-one bright light source inside a diffuser. This provides the highest quality natural lighting for events evenly dispersed in all directions. Replace the terrible overhead lighting in gyms, church halls, and or outdoors where you need high quality light creating the perfect ambiance for your guests.

These balloon lights provide plug and play lighting solutions for:

  • Festivals
  • Pop-up shops
  • Municipal events
  • Food/wine festivals
  • Trunk-or-treat
  • Fundraisers
  • Non-profit events

Easily adjust the white color of these lights with the included remote from a warm white to a cool white with ease.

Each light covers an approximately 60ft area when fully extended on the included stand.

These lights are extremely energy efficient and bright covering large spaces with ease. You can easily put up to 10 of them on a single 15amp circuit or 15 on a 20amp circuit.

With our optional battery packs you can use them in the most remote locations and choose a battery pack to match with the number of hours you need to use the lights for.

Our balloon light kit includes: 

  • 150w variable white balloon light
  • 30ft extension cable
  • 6.5ft light stand
  • Remote control

Optional accessories for the balloon light: 

  • Battery packs matched for the run time you need
  • Clamps to hook the light to existing structures in your space
  • Eye bolt to facilitate attaching to existing structures or hanging