Glow Pickleball Supplies, Tips & Tricks for Black Light Pickleball

glow pickleball

How to host and play glow pickleball

Glow pickleball is sweeping the country and for good reason; it’s addictive and fun to play!

Here we’ll share tips and tricks for planning a glow pickleball event, and the equipment and supplies you need to make your pickleball event glow!

four court glow pickleball florida

What do I need for glow pickleball?

Many of the same supplies that are used for normal pickleball can be retrofitted and used for glow pickleball without much work.

Regular pickleball supplies that are neon or fluorescent colored are ready to be used for glow pickleball.

At a minimum you’ll need:

Glow pickleball is also referred to as cosmic pickleball or glow-in-the-dark pickleball.

glow pickleball supplies

How many blacklights do I need for glow pickleball?

Not all blacklights are created equal. There are generally three different types of black lights based on how far they “throw” the glow lighting effect:

High-power, long-throw, LED blacklights are recommended for glow pickleball.

These lights are designed to “throw” the blacklight a long distance and have the power to make everything on and around the court glow.

high power long throw blacklight for rental

What type of pickleball will glow?

Pickleballs that are neon or fluorescent colored will glow under blacklight. These balls contain pigment in them that makes them glow under blacklight. Balls that are not neon or fluorescent, that are simply orange, yellow, or green, will not glow under black light.

These pickleballs will work with black light:

These pickleballs will glow without blacklight: 

These balls work without blacklight because they are lit with a battery powered LED inside the ball. Surprisingly balanced, they do not wobble due to the LED and battery inside the ball. These do not glow as bright as balls under blacklight, but for fun pickup games at night without a lot of setup, these balls are perfect.

black light pickleball for glow pickle ball

How much glow pickleball tape do I need ?

A standard 44ft x 20ft pickleball court needs approximately 270ft of glow pickleball tape to outline the court lines and the net.

Unlike duct tape, our glow pickleball tape is designed to stick during the event and not leave a residue or pull up the court surface when it is removed.

We recommend using one color for each court outline and the net. In a multi-court exhibition format this creates easy reference points for players (a yellow court, green court, pink court, etc.)

Each court requires two (2) 150ft rolls of 3/4in tape. 1/2in “detail” rolls also come in 150ft rolls and are more narrow. These thin rolls are great for wrapping paddles or covering shoes, hats and clothing.

glow pickleball tape

When planning court organization, we recommend outlining each individual court in the same color, which can be helpful for tournament play or large exhibition events. Players can be assigned to a certain color court, and it will make your event photos cohesive and stunning!

The best colored pickleball tapes that are the most glow-reactive are:

neon pickleball court lines glow

Where do I put the blacklights?

Placing the blacklights at opposite corners of your pickleball court will allow for the maximum amount of glow to reach the entire court setup.

Below, we’ve included sample setups for one (1) court and four (4) courts to show optimal placement of the blacklights.

one court diagram glow pickleball
glow pickleball setup for 4 courts with black lights

How do I mount the blacklights?

Light stands allow you to attach and elevate the lights safely up above players’ heads for maximum coverage of the court area.

“Super clamps” are also a great choice to attach lights to objects 2in in diameter or less, like poles or railings that may already be in the court area.

One other option would be to use heavy duty zip ties to attach lights to chain link fencing.

Thinking about power outlets near the light locations and/or making sure you have enough extension cables is important. Make sure the outdoor power outlets work prior to your games!

rent tripod light stand

Glow pickleball blacklight & tape calculator

Enter the number of courts you want to make glow and the calculator will tell you how many long-throw blacklights and rolls of neon gaffers tape you’ll need.

Fun glow pickleball supplies

What glow accessories will you bring to the glow pickleball experience? The possibilities are endless! Have teams get creative in what they wear and tape. A contest for best dressed glow team can add an additional fun element to blacklight pickleball events.

Get creative with glow supplies to make your pickleball experience memorable. Think of all the glow items like:

neon yellow pickleball shirt

Get the gear you need for glow pickleball

High-power blacklights are expensive to purchase! Rent the blacklights you need to get the most out of your glow pickleball event. It will turn a fun idea into a memorable in-demand annual event or fundraiser!

Reserve your date today and get the gear you need when you need it. Ask us about discounted long-term rentals, or if you are interested in purchasing lights, we can get a quote together for you on that, too.

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8 thoughts on “Glow Pickleball Supplies, Tips & Tricks for Black Light Pickleball

    • Brian King says:

      It’s designed to go down and come up cleanly. Unfortunately when you put it down it picks up dirt and debris from the surface so it’s a one use type of tape. Would also be hard to get it rolled back up. You’ll have 1/4 to 1/2 a roll leftover using 2 rolls outlining a court. So that can be re-used for future events.

  1. Pam Stout Ambassador says:

    We live in Ardmore Oklahoma. 1 hour north of Dallas and 1 hr south of Oklahoma City. We would love to do this in the fall. We have 6 new PB courts. Do you know if a place around that we could rent the lights from? We will buy balls and tape, but our group is so new, we can’t afford all the lights yet. What do you suggest?

    • Brian King says:

      Can definitely help you out with the lights, renting them is a great place to start, we ship nationwide. We can help you purchase what you need as well if the time comes. Ball wise any neon colored yellow / green pickleball ball will generally work, the Franklin X40s are the brightest (optic yellow and pink). Blue and orange balls generally do not glow from our tests.

  2. Adriana Aragón says:

    I have 4 pickleball courts un Los Cabos Mexico, I would like to get thos black lights things for the courts, how can I get them? Please?

  3. Laura lewis says:

    Hi. I want to do this but we don’t have electrical outlets at our courts😩. Are there any other options? A generator?

    • Brian King says:

      Great question! Let’s figure it out 🙂 I think we can come up with a battery powered solution. Other option is if you can get a generator that would give you power onsite. I can send over some recommendations that are pretty easily found at any local general rental company. How many courts are you lighting up?

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