Rent the Easiest DIY Uplights in Loudoun County, VA

Local company based in Western Loudoun County, VA. Everything you need is included with your uplight rental to create professional-quality event lighting quickly and easily, regardless of your technical know-how.

Next year or this weekend, we deliver easy-to-use, cost-effective rental uplighting directly to you! Same day pickup available in Loudoun County as well.

Save money, gas and time by ordering directly from the original local expert in DIY uplight rentals.

Rent the equipment you need without the hassle or headache with free same day pickup or next-day delivery to all areas in Northern Virginia if ordered by 3pm EST.

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How DIY Rental Works

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Choose the rental lighting that you want for your event.

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Free Ground Shipping

Packages will arrive at least 2 business days prior to your party.

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Set Up & Party

Set up your ready-to-go rental lights. Celebrate!

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Free Return Shipping

Pack up the light rental in the provided box. Ship them back using the pre-paid return shipping label.

Rent Uplights - Easy, Wireless, Battery Powered

Rent uplights that are perfect for events and parties because they are:

  • the easiest uplights to use,
  • most portable,
  • brightest, and
  • have the longest lasting battery life.

Uplights arrive pre-charged, tested and ready to go out of the box. With 20+ hours of battery life, you will have no problem keeping your event lit up from beginning to end.

The wireless remote control puts the entire rainbow of colors in the palm of your hand. Touch the rainbow wheel on the color you want and all the light units within 150ft will instantly change to the color you chose.

Unlock the visual potential of your indoor and outdoor spaces, unrestricted by power outlets, and put lights anywhere, including:

  • under tables
  • around columns
  • uplighting trees
  • lights in landscaping
  • light up signage
  • washes of light on walls
  • light up decorations
  • light up boat parties
  • tradeshow displays

Push a button for automatic light shows to immediately pick up the energy at your party, or dim up and dim down the lighting at the touch of a button.

These 3lb brick-sized lighting units are physically low profile (4in x 5in x 6in), blending into the room so your guests see the beautiful washes of color they put out and not bulky light fixtures.

wireless remote control example color wheel
best wireless uplight rental

Wireless Uplights

Battery powered units easily provide lighting anywhere in your event space.

manufactured in america

Made in the USA

Each wireless uplight is hand built in the USA.
Support American manufacturing and jobs with every rental!

"I am officially the least technical person I know. I was amazed by how easy the lights were to use. They worked right out of the box and my party looked amazing. Thank you!" - Sarah / Des Moines, Iowa
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Professional Equipment

Equip yourself with professional-level tools, but in a format that's easy to use, cost-effective, and still makes a huge impact.

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Expert Support

Knowledge and support are just a click away. Call, email, video chat or text for an expert to guide you through your set up.

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Quality in Every Rental

Customer testimonials show it, but see it for yourself; our equipment and rental process are top-notch.

Loudoun County, VA

Loudoun County is home to some of the most beautiful venues to host a wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah, corporate or non-profit special event.

Renting DIY uplights in Loudoun County has never been easier and you'll save thousands of dollars for your event. You may have seen our lights illuminating the party and event spaces at:

  • Shadow Creek
  • Rust Manor
  • Morven Park
  • Stone Tower Winery
  • Birkby House
  • Lansdowne
  • 48 Fields
  • River Creek Club
  • Stone Leigh
  • Raspberry Falls
  • Belmont Country Club
  • Salamander Resort
  • 1757 Golf Club
  • Breaux Vineyard
  • Wheatland Spring Brewery
  • Harvest Gap Brewery
  • Bluemont Station

Loudoun County is home to many wineries, breweries, festivals, political events, fairs, professional sports, and events. Rent DIY lighting for parties and fundraisers during these annual events:

  • Loudoun County Chamber Events
  • Loudoun United
  • Leesburg Flower & Garden Festival
  • Hillsboro Gardens in the Gap
  • Middleburg Spring Races
  • Lovettsville Mayfest
  • Purcellville Wine and Food Festival
  • Loudoun County Fair
  • Taste Leesburg
  • Lovettsville Oktoberfest
  • Bluemont Fair
  • Leesburg Air Show
  • Waterford Fair
  • Fall Farm Tour
  • Loudoun Wine Awards
  • Middleburg Film Festival
  • Christmas in Middleburg Parade
  • First Fridays in Leesburg

Many schools and colleges call Loudoun County home. We are an approved vendor of LCPS schools. Our cost-effective lighting rentals make parties, proms, homecomings and special events look amazing:

Loudoun County Courthouse holiday lighting.

Loudoun County Courthouse

Uplighting featured during the holidays at the Loudoun Country Courthouse.

virginia tech wedding cake

Whitehall Manor / Bluemont Station

Beautiful fall and Virginia Tech themed cake and uplighting at Whitehall Manor / Bluemont Station.

Shadow Creek Weddings

Shadow Creek

Rent wireless uplights to light up outdoor spaces and trees with hard to reach electrical. Texture lighting to transform the outdoor space and monogram/gobo lighting to customize your space with light.

Uplighting Questions

How many uplights do I need?

Uplights to wash a room are placed every 5ft, 10ft, or 15ft apart along a wall.

Closer spacing of the uplights results in more of a wash effect while spacing the lights further apart creates more pops of color or a spotlight effect.

Include more lights for unique features like:

  • columns
  • bump outs
  • focal points
  • odd shaped rooms (L & T shaped rooms)
  • under table lighting

Last minute uplight rental?

Have no fear, we can accommodate most last minute rentals placed by 3pm EST (Monday - Friday) for delivery as soon as 8:00am the next day anywhere in the continental US and Canada.

In order to ship from our warehouse we need:

  1. Payment in full
  2. Signed (digital) contract
  3. Shipping address confirmation
  4. Responsive communication via phone / text / email for approvals and confirmations

It's helpful to understand costs and what we need to facilitate find our more on our last minute rental page and give us a call or text, the sooner the better!

last minute event rental
Call Now

What if I have trouble with setup?

Rental uplights are shipped to arrive at least 2 business days before your event.

As soon as you receive the lights, open the box and test the lights out. If there are any problems or issues with setup we can be reached 24/7 to help out and troubleshoot.

Our visual instruction guide and videos are there to help make it easy as possible right out of the box.

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Am I dealing with real people?

100% real people in the United States (Virginia) who have spent their lives dedicated to the event industry who:

  • review your order
  • ask followup questions
  • help think through all the "what-ifs" for your event
  • triple check your shipping address

You can do this!

Real experienced event professionals on call sharing knowledge, tools, and equipment to make your event look amazing.

Go ahead, call or text (571) 292-3511 we'd love to hear about your event and helping you make it look fabulous. 

brian king superlative events

How easy is setup for the wireless uplights?

As simple as we could design it!

Each light has one button on it, an on/off switch. The remote is designed to have all the features you'd need for an event. Color selection, dim up / dim down, auto programs to fade through, strobe, and create more dynamic lights shows.

We left out all the programming so that anyone can use these lights without any prior knowledge whatsoever of uplights. Set the lights where you want to add ambiance, turn them on, that's it.

Wireless uplighting near me?

We offer uplighting delivered to you.

This means the best lighting equipment available delivered directly to you for your event.

Find local uplighting by by having it delivered direct to your door as soon as next day.  

Order, pay, sign online and tell us when and where you need the lighting.

Don't limit yourself with finding uplights available near me, get the best uplights available anywhere. 

rent uplights to illuminate your wedding venue

Colors for uplights

Using the rainbow wheel controller you can pick the exact color you want.

No clunky menus, no random color codes or buttons, no fidgeting with each light to try to get them to look similar. 

Easily blend the colors of the lights perfectly with your decor. 

Why is hiring a lighting company so expensive?

People, experience and time are expensive. That is why lighting companies can seem expensive. You are paying for:

  • Someone to understand your vision and execute your event
  • Time interfacing with other event professionals
  • Preparing the equipment
  • Driving to your event from their warehouse
  • Vehicle, gas, maintenance costs
  • Setting & adjusting your lighting equipment
  • Running the show or waiting while the event takes place goes on
  • Picking up and restocking the lighting equipment
  • Supplies, insurance, licenses, local sales tax

Not every event needs to have professionals there in person. Not every region in the US has qualified professionals serving those areas.  

We believe if you have the right equipment and the right guidance you can enhance your event with lighting and easily save thousands of dollars with do-it-yourself lighting. 

amber uplighting national press club washington dc

What are uplights?

Uplights are lights placed on the ground aimed up against a surface like a wall, backdrop or column providing a wash of light. Uplighting improves the lighting in a space by adding additional brightness and can add color or dynamic lighting effects if hooked up to a lighting controller.

Cheap wireless uplighting?

Wireless uplights are not created equal. Cheap wireless uplighting means that your lights will not come tested, pre-charged, or ready to go. It will also mean that the battery life will likely not last the entire event.

We provide the easiest, most cost effective, professional, DIY wireless uplight rentals.

You get what you pay for. Our rental uplights are designed to last a long time and look amazing.

Where are your uplights manufactured?

All of our wireless uplights are proudly manufactured and maintained in the USA.

Every rental supports American jobs, American manufacturing and your local community.

Why not rent uplights locally?

Because it's inconvenient and more expensive...seriously! 

You likely won't be able to get exactly the right type of lights for your event.

You'll need to spend time and money driving to the local general tool rental shop, finding someone to help you, tracking down if they have lights, if they are available (and if they are working). Getting you signed in as a customer, explaining the rental process, trying to upsell you a chocolate fountain or a post hole digger, getting your drivers license, signing the contract sight unseen, taking a blood sample...

You'll need to pick up the lights the day before or same day to avoid extra charges. They usually require a security deposit or damage waiver, you'll also have to pay local sales tax.

Most local uplight rentals can't troubleshoot the lights (good luck getting anyone on the phone at all on a weekend when your event is taking place) with you in case something happens because most rental places don't specialize in just lighting, nor do they stock a deep inventory of lights. 

Then you try the lights out, find out one is broken, drive back to the rental place, find out they aren't open, call the emergency number, fight with the kid on the phone only to drive home with a broken light and less time to actually get your event together. 

You'll have to spend your time and gas money to return the rental back to the rental place wherever it is the next business day when they are open, wait to find someone to check you in, hopefully get your security deposit back in a week, fill out a survey.

Local sounds awesome....


Rent uplights from us and get a hyper-local professionally backed experience, we deliver directly to your house or business at least 2 business days before your event for FREE and give out our direct cell phone to 24/7 email, video, phone and text support.

Text, email, send photos, video, addresses, aerial shots or links to the venue and we can virtually tour any location and get you exactly what you need specific to your space for your event.  

Drop off your rental at your convenience to any UPS ground shipping location within a couple business days after your event with FREE return shipping.

Save time, money, effort, personalized hyper-local uplighting rentals.