UPS Strike 8/1/23

UPS Strike – Impact on Shipping

UPS unionized employees are planning to strike August 1st.

Roughly 40% of all packages sent in the United States go through UPS.

If UPS goes on strike, other shipping providers (FedEx/USPS) won’t be able to absorb the current shipping volume handled by UPS resulting in significant delays and impacting our ability to provide rentals for our clients and their events all over the United States. 

We have reached out to all of our current clients whose events are in August and are shipping their rentals early at no extra cost to make sure they have the rentals they need for their event. 

If your event is in August reach out to us at (571) 292-3511 and we can give you updates on the availability and possibility of getting rental equipment to you for your event. 


UPS Strike Logo

UPS set to strike 8/1/23

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