Rent the easiest, brightest LED blacklights to make your event glow.

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Step 1: Plug-in

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Step 2: Aim

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Step 3: Glow!

What to know about blacklight

Blacklights are categorized by how far they “throw the glow.”

blacklight throw distance

Distance measured in feet

The type of blacklight chosen should be based on the size of your event space and how many guests you will have in attendance.

Two are Better Than One

We always recommend at least two blacklights.

When a single blacklight shines toward a surface, only one side will shine brightly. 

A second blacklight on the opposite side ensures that all the objects and people in the room glow evenly.

Don’t leave half your party in the dark!

always use two blacklights

For even glow, use two lights

Where do i put the lights?

How to Set Up Your Blacklights

Putting lights on both ends or in opposite corners and aiming toward the center of the room is the best placement. It allows the glow effect to fill the entire space.

Lights can be:

  • Placed on the ground or table
  • On a light stand
  • Clamped or zip-tied to an existing fixture in the room

However, we recommend elevating the blacklights higher than your guests’ heads (at least 6 feet high) in order to maximize the glow effect. Light stands and clamps are available to be added on to your blacklight order.

How Many Blacklights?

Calculate how many blacklights you need using our calculators below.

Number of Guests

Blacklights Based on Guests

Size of Space

Blacklights Based on Size of Space

Type of Space


Blacklights Based type of Space

Choose Your Blacklights

short throw blacklight
Short Throw Blacklight
< 20 feet
Small Spaces
120 degree beam angle
lower power blacklight
medium throw blacklight
Medium Throw Blacklight
< 40 feet
Small/Medium Spaces
120 degree beam angle
medium power blacklight
high power long throw blacklight rental
Long Throw Blacklight
40 - 300 feet+
Large Spaces
Selectable beam angle: 25, 35, 45 degrees
Large Spaces
high power blacklight

placement examples & recommendations

how to setup blacklights in gym
how to setup blacklights in gym

How many blacklights do I need?

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