Neon Gaffers Tape – 150ft Roll


Neon gaffers tape provides excellent adhesion and clean removal properties.

This premium fluorescent gaffers tape is available in neon green, neon orange, neon pink and neon yellow for all your high-visibility and blacklight tape needs. Great outlining sports courts for:

  • Glow Pickleball
  • Glow Basketball
  • Glow Dodgeball
  • Glow Tennis
  • Glow Badminton
  • Glow Volleyball
  • Glow Nerf War

This neon gaffers tape will fluoresce (glow) under a blacklight but will not glow-in-the-dark without blacklight. This is professional grade gaffers tape and designed to remove cleanly. This is the exact same tape trusted and used for theatrical, TV, and motion picture productions.

The sizing listed is the exact width of the tape as measured. These tape sizes are usually listed as 1in (3/4in) and 3/4in (1/2in). We list the exact size width of the tape.

Rolls are at a minimum 50yds but can be as much as 60yds depending on the roll.

Low odor and unlike duck / duct tape will not leave a sticky residue or rip the surface or paint up that it’s attached to.

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