American DJ UV COB Cannon (Used)


Long throw, high power backlights perfect for schools, churches, and groups looking to make large spaces glow with minimal setup and effort.
Unlike old school fluorescent blacklights that only throw blacklight a short distance, these are designed to throw blacklight 100ft+ making them perfect for big spaces.
We have professionally maintained these lights and they go through the same quality control check / refurbishment we use for our rentals. Lights are cleaned and touched up before they are sold.
Lights will come with upgraded heavy duty knobs twist knobs as the American DJ knobs that came with the lights originally are flimsy and don’t hold up.
Fully functioning, light scratches. These were used as part of our rental inventory.
If you would like photos of the actual lights you are purchasing we can provide those on request.
Lights will come with the a 6ft powercon locking power cable.

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